I spend a lot of time on my computer and suffer from a stiff and painful neck every day. I am a clinical editor, nurse practitioner, and chronic pain patient. I have arthritis in most of my major joints, a spinal stimulator, and I take a handful of pills twice a day just to be able to get through my day. Because of my pain, I am always looking for new ways to manage it. Introducing WaveLife.

WaveLife is an energy cell that is based on over thirty years of research and development in co-operation with over 2,800 clinics in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. WaveLife works without pills, injections, doctor visits, or creams.
WaveLife works by interacting with our energy or vital fields. The concept of a human energy field in natural medicine goes back 200 years to Nature Cure therapists. They promoted the concept of a vital force that was often diminished or disturbed before physical disease takes place.

WaveLife is an energy cell that is made by a patented EMF material, that can retain and emit Vital Fields with extraordinary durability (> 6months), thereby allowing the benefits of a proven energy medicine discipline to be accessible to everyone and anyone experiencing pain.
I received the WaveLife energy cell 4 weeks ago to try out and see if it would decrease my pain. The WaveLife is small and very lightweight. It is about 1.5” long and 1” wide. It comes with a pamphlet that explains where to place the WaveLife depending on where your pain is located.

To use the WaveLife, all you need to do is place the WaveLife on the area indicated by the pamphlet and then place a piece of medical tape or medical adhesive gauze. The first day I placed the WaveLife on my solar plexus as directed in the pamphlet for the lower back pain I was experiencing. I kept the energy cell on for 16 hours the first day and 12 hours the next day. Unfortunately, I did not feel any relief in my lower back but I do have some structural issues in my lower back so that may be why I did not feel any relief there.

On the third day, my arthritis in my neck was throbbing. It was late in the evening and I was so uncomfortable that I could not find any position of comfort. So, I thought I would try the WaveLife on my neck.

I placed the WaveLife energy cell on the back of my neck that evening. Within 30 minutes, the throbbing was gone. I kept the WaveLife on overnight and found it is extremely comfortable to wear while sleeping. I woke up the next morning feeling and my neck felt GREAT!
I took it off as I was getting ready for work the next morning but made sure to replace the WaveLife on the back of my neck before I started my workday. I had none of the usual throbbing, aching, and usual discomfort that I felt along the back of my neck and along my shoulder blades. I even forgot about it when I got in the shower and found out that the WaveLife is safe in the water and it still works just as great as it did since before the shower!

Overall, I use WaveLife daily because it sincerely helps the arthritis pain in my neck. I do have arthritis in other joints and when I have a pain flare in my knee or hip, I will definitely try the WaveLife for pain relief! Are you ready to try WaveLife on you pain? Just go to https://wavelife.com/ and code  WAVELIFEVOICE15  for 15% off!

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